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Track Record

We are experienced business owners and highly disciplined managers who have delivered significant results for our investors, sponsors, partners & shareholders:

- in 1998 one of our executives was a founding member of a high yield bond issue that successfully raised $100,000,000 for the acquisition of a fleet of 16 carefully screened & selected handysize bulkcarriers at attractive prices with secured term employment to top class charterers.

- in December 2000, through one of our funds, we made the acquisition of two 10-years old smaller handy tankers against 3-years contracts to an oil major & in June 2001, there were further acquisitions of tanker tonnage with similarly secured employment to oil majors.

- in December 2003, part of the smaller handy tankers fleet was disposed of realizing & distributing substantial profits to the investors.

- in mid-2006, through one of our funds, we negotiated & secured an order of a smaller handysize tanker newbuilding with a 1st class major Far East shipyard against a 5-year contract to an oil major. At the end of 2007, the ship was successfully delivered to her owners and entered her contracted employment service.

- The market conditions since 2007, along with asset prices and our risk management philosophy directed us to consolidate our positions and focus on our cash-flow and continued high-quality asset management.

- in early 2013, we have successfully negotiated for one of our funds the disposal of its interests in the tanker fleet at a substantial profit.New assets have been added in the field of Dry Cargo and Tankers during 2014-2023

- CFront is extremely well positioned in the current low shipping market cycle to selectively take advantage of the number of opportunities as they become available.

- Our founders & executives have built a solid and diversified experience and have been working together for over 15 years in the shipping market.

We believe that we are well equipped to continue navigating through the cycles of the market managing risk prudently and flexibly.

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